Dress Code

Camps (Ages 3-7)

Girls should wear a leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes. Boys should wear a white t-shirt, black athletic shorts or black sweat pants, white socks and black leather split sole jazz shoes.

All dancers need to wear some kind of dance shoe to avoid slipping. For Jungle Beat, dancers have the option of wearing jazz or tap shoes if they have them, but these are not required.

Students should wear a cover up when entering and leaving the building.

For those planning on taking a class during the school year, refer to the dress code section of the handbook before making any purchases.

Dance Kaleidoscope

Leotard, pink or black tights. Dance or yoga pants may be worn for styles other than ballet.

If students don’t have a leotard and tights, they may wear leggings and a camisole top under a t-shirt. Please make sure midsection is covered when arms are raised.

Shoes must be ballet or jazz, clean sneakers for hip-hop (soles must be clean), and tap shoes.

Please refer to the dress code section of the handbook before making any purchases.

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Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Fellowship School of Dance, located just south of Nashville at Fellowship Bible Church and serving the greater Nashville area—including Brentwood, Franklin, and Spring Hill. We believe that dance is a life-enriching art form, and that every child can find fulfillment and joy in learning to dance, while developing to their individual potential. Additionally, the faculty is committed to helping our dancers understand how dance was created to bring glory to our Creator and is a powerful tool of communication.

We, the staff and faculty of Fellowship School of dance, invite you to consider joining us.

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